About Young Adult Employment Initiative (YAEI)

YAEI focuses on:


Strategic development and implementation of services that help prepare young adults for current jobs.


Ensuring that the most vulnerable youth have access to and are connected with services that address their particular barriers to success


In order to contribute to the pipeline of skilled workers in our knowledge economy and prepare young adults for 21st Century jobs, young people need:


  • Educational opportunities that provide adequate exposure to the types of knowledge needed to succeed in the current economy
  • Technical and social skills necessary to maneuver successfully in today's workplace
  • A social and professional network that provides opportunities to gain exposure to and experience in a variety of work environments prior to deciding on a career
  • Support services to help those facing specific barriers address and overcome those obstacles.


Young Adult Initiative Board (YAIB)


Robert Bower
Co-chair, Political Director       

Massachusetts AFL/CIO

Erin Travassos
Co-chair, Staffing Manager
NStar Electric and Gas


Dorothy Ahlman

Human Resources Generalist
Marlborough Hospital


Russell Ashton


Sue Baldauf

Bedford Youth and Family Services


Minnie Cargill

Zone Recruiter


Shari Crim

Branch Manager


Chris Duane

VP of Operations
Boys and Girls Club of Metro West


Rosemary Garneau

Family Self Sufficiency Manager

Framingham Housing Authority


Cathy Glover

Grants Management Director
MetroWest Community Healthcare Foundation


Steve Joyce

Political Director

New England Council of Carpenters


Cathy Mogavero
Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce


Yolanda Ortiz

Director of Tempo


Beth Toolan

Executive Director
Waltham Partnership for Youth


Jane Willshire

Recruitment Account Manager
Philips North America


Young Adult Initiative Board (YAIB) Schedule FY13