Flagship Programs


Our flagship programs address some of our society's most important education and workforce challenges.


They provide an “incubation laboratory” setting for program development and help inform discussion in the larger science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) policy arena.


They are explicitly designed for replication and scale up.


Leadership Initiatives for Teaching and Technology (LIFT2)

(Serves middle school and high school science, technology, engineering, and math teachers)


Research-based professional learning experience that places secondary school STEM teachers in an eight week summer placement in industry (externship), connecting classroom curriculum to "real world" applications. Participating teachers also complete a three course graduate-level program designed to translate the externship experience into improved student learning.


Through this innovative collaboration of K12 schools, industry, and higher education, teachers are better prepared to raise student awareness and interest in 21st Century careers leading to improved motivation to succeed in the rigor of STEM courses.


More than eighty-five teachers from eighteen school districts have completed the program, impacting approximately 29,000 middle and high school students.



Saturday STEM Academy

(Serves high school female and minority students)


In 2007, the Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce, Inc. (PSW) and Olin College of Engineering agreed to partner in developing the Saturday STEM Academy for under-represented minority high school students.


The Saturday STEM Academy builds on MIT’s highly successful SEED Academy, and primarily serves Boston students attending MetroWest schools through the METCO program.


In May 2009, eighteen high school freshmen completed the inaugural semester of the Saturday STEM Academy. In September 2009, sixteen of the eighteen students returned for the fall semester of their sophomore year. (Two students left the program to pursue athletics with their high school football teams.)


Each Saturday students spend the morning engaged in “hands-on”, project-based engineering activities. After lunch, they participate in a one and a half hour “minds-on” session aimed at developing life mastery skills.


Retired Raytheon engineer leads the Saturday STEM Academy team

Charles Martin, one of the primary consultants for the MSWREB, leads the team developing the program. Mr. Martin, a retired Raytheon engineer, has extensive experience developing and supporting educational programs for under-represented minority youth.