The Health Care Learning Network

HCLN™ is web-based, health care contextualized, self-paced, and instructor-facilitated.


Four courses combine academic and experiential learning, and incorporate 21st Century skills, e.g., critical thinking and problem solving.

Computers for College

• Your On-Line Course
• Email
• Documents and Starting Your Project
• Finding Information on the Internet
• Word Processing: Editing Your Document
• Word Processing: Making Your Document Look Professional
• Other Computer Software Programs


Preparing for Health Care Careers

• Becoming a “Professional” Student
• Getting Organized for Success
• The Role of Tests in Health Care Careers
• Test-Taking Skills
• Developing Your Memory Skills
• Preparing for College Reading: The Big Picture
• Preparing for College Reading: The Fine Print
• Technical Writing for College and Career


Health Math

• Course Overview and Tips for Success
• Numbers and Numeration
• Arithmetic Operations
• Fractions
• Decimals
• Percents
• Ratios
• Measurement


Health Science

• Scientific Reasoning and the Scientific Method
• Chemistry
• Molecules and Compounds of Life
• Cells: The Building Blocks of Living Things
• Organ Systems
• The Digestive System
• Genetics
• Viruses and Bacteria
• Sample Research Project: Asthma
• Research Project